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At Adonis we understand the modern-day man. We wanted to create a unique Product to give our fellow brothers the tool they need to get the finished Look they crave. We have tried so many other volume powders and found the same result each time… Its excessive which can leave your hair looking overly dry and you can’t get it exactly where you want it to go which left us frustrated. The solution, a clever 360 rotational nozzle helps you be direct and accurate with no overdose of excess powder to ensure the perfect finish for that Adonis look.

Adonis - Architecture With A Human Element...

Thin Hair? Not Any More...

Adonis Power Powder not only gives your thin hair more volume and depth but it ads Height, weight and texture for a fuller matte effect Finish that lasts for up to 24 hours. Work & Rework throughout the day giving you that Adonis confidence and style that you deserve.

Thick Hair? We've Got You Covered...

Thick hair can be tricky to hold. Adonis Power Powder not only gives you a strong hold that you can restyle throughout the day the 360 nozzle allows you to go straight to root which means you can play and replay with your hair all day with a non greasy volumised matte finish.

Long Hair? Let's Tame That Mane

Long hair can often look oily and is hard to tame. Adonis Power Powder not only controls the hair but acts as a semi dry shampoo reducing oil and grease in the hair. This allows you craft and play with a sharper matte effect look fit for the gods themselves.