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Where are you located?
All orders are sent from our warehouse in Charlotte, NC.

Does it work on thick hair?
Yes, the Adonis - Styling Power Powder works great on thick hair. It will craft a strong hold on your hair that allows you to create any hairstyle you want with an Adonis look.

Does it work on thin hair?
Absolutely the Adonis - Hair Styling Power Powder works amazing on thin hair. It instantly adds texture gives volume to your hair as well as giving it a matte finish, making it look fuller but yet still easy to manage. It gives a hold which will let you style and rework your hair up to 24h.
Will it clump my hair together?
No it will not clump your hair. Think of it like deodorant - If you spray it too close it leaves a white residue under your armpits if you spray too much. The same thing applies here with  Adonis - Hair Styling Power Powder. If you do spray it too close just work it in with your fingers or a comb until you achieve your desired style.

Will it leave a white residue on my hair or affect my hair colour?
Not at all when you use Adonis - Hair Styling Power Powder it won't leave any residue on your hair once you work it in with your fingers and style it. Due to the 360 degree rotational nozzle it allows you to aim specifically at the targeted area as desired. You can use a half spray or full pump spray with the Adonis - Hair Styling Power Powder which means you can limit the amount powder coming out. This prevents wasted product unlike most other companies on the market. It effortlessly merges with your hair and does not affect your hair colour in anyway.

Will sweating or humidity affect my hairstyle?
Nope, sweat or humidity does not affect your hairstyle, the hold created on your hair usually lasts for up to 24 hours so not matter what comes your way on the day your hair will be ready!

How do I remove it?
When you want to remove the  Adonis - Hair Styling Power Powder from your hair, just wash your hair with shampoo and you are ready to go again...

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